You Need...

Are you experiencing the following lead information Issues?

  • Leads give you bogus telephone numbers
  • Leads give you bogus email addresses
  • Leads don't give you their address
  • Buyers don't indicate that they are homeowners
  • Will recover your leads' missing or "bad" contact, personal, household and financial information
  • Will enrich your leads' data
  • Will let you know which of your buyer leads own homes. Now you can target market to them as SELLERS!
  • Will save you money because now you can stop random marketing.
  • Target high value audiences based on their demographic data

Are you...

  • Random marketing to unqualified leads?
  • Not sure how to market to specific niche audiences?
  • Sending the same marketing message to all of your leads, regardless of whether the message resonates with everyone?
  • Are you communicating with all your leads the same way, even if they're different?

  • Uses the RELI Real Estate Intelligence Data to automatically create segmented audiences.
  • Saves you money! You only market to your selected segmented audiences.
  • Targets Sellers more likely to sell in the near future.
  • Creates automated custom segmented audiences based on your own selection of RELI real estate intelligence fields.

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