What Is Audience Segmentation?

Audience segmentation is the process of grouping people based on shared characteristics. This is done to help you improve your targeting.

The most commonly used real estate marketing segmentation types:

Personal: These describe the outward-facing attributes of Buyers and Sellers; their Age, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Length of Residence, Occupation

Financial: These tell you about the financial health of Buyers and Sellers, their; Household Income, Net Worth, Credit Score, Loan to Value, Known Real Estate Investor

Household: These give you an insight to their; Appraised Home Value, Purchase Price, Size of Home, Bedroom Quantity, Household Size, Generations in the Household, Number of Adults and Children

Geography: Where is your target market located? This can be as wide or narrow as you require, from Geo Fencing a Single Subject Property Address to a Zip Code. 

Get precise and find insight that resonates

Creating clear audience segments based on first party data insight is what determines effective marketing. Understand how to refine audiences and get closer to your prospects.

Make an impact with specific customers

Blanket messaging is no longer sufficient. Learn how segmentation enables you to communicate authentically and honestly to your prospects, by zeroing in on what matters to them. Target your segmented audiences with the right message at the right time... It matters!

Gain competitive advantage

When you know the secrets of effective segmentation and apply it to your marketing, you’ll be able to stand out against the competition.

Discover the latest techniques

Learn how to keep your segmentation fresh, relevant, and applicable across your business. We show you how to create automated segmented audiences. It's easy for anyone!

Utilizing the recovered Personal Contact, Financial and Household data, you can target high value segmented audiences with our "done for you"...

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