Pre Expired Listings Data Recovery

This is a game changer. Agents have numerous sources to receive expired listings. Once the lists are released many sellers have already relisted and multiple agents are all chasing the same expired listings

When listing lists are downloaded from the MLS, many of the MLS's don't show the names and other important information. Agents download active listing lists that are due to expire in the near future. The app identifies the seller's names, contact, personal, financial and household information. 

It's against code for agents to contact these listings while they are still active. Because agents have the active listing's information, they can passively market to them "under the radar" by posting ads on facebook walls without soliciting directly.


It's important for the agents to promote their "Unique Value Propositions" at this time, so that when the seller decides to relist with a different agent, you are top of mind.

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